Sunday, June 18, 2006

Here comes the Spanish Armada

To answer Amit's question, and to put a spanner in the works of all the Brazilian / Argentinian / English fans out there, I propose a name that I haven't heard many people put forth - the Spaniards. Why, you ask me? Well, here are the reasons, in no order of priority:
  • Look at the quality of the team: Casillas at goal, Puyol, Salgado and del Horno in defense, Xabi Alonso and Xavi in midfield, Torres, Raul and Luis Garcia along with the mercuric David Villa up front. While they haven't been as highly touted as Brazil's Fab Four or Argentina's warriors, this Spanish team has the talent. As captain Raul says, "In the nine years that I've been with the national team, I've never seen so many quality players." - know what, he's right about the quality - they showed it in their first game demolition of Ukraine.
  • Spain has been showing its class in world sport over the last couple of years - look at Rafa Nadal and Fernando Alonso, and closer to the sport at hand, both Barca and Villareal stamped their class at the European league cups. True, they had enough foreign players, but the heart was truly EspaƱol!
  • Lady Luck's never really been on their side for all these years. Their best ever performance has been a fourth place in 1950, no less! It's about time the jinx is broken and the Spandiards get what's rightfully theirs - a World Cup to their name.
It's more a heart thing than something truly thought about. I'd just love to see a new winner - watching the same countries win it over and over again ain't all that exciting, and who better to win it than the Spanish!


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