Saturday, June 17, 2006

Don't open your mouth that wide, flies will get in

was my mom's mild admonishment when I used to gape at things wide-mouthed in my chaddi days. She could have as well told Sush Sen that when, somewhere in 1994, she won the Miss Universe title and challenged a few flies to enter her gorgeous mouth. What had, till then, been tut-tutted, became quite fashionable and the "open your mouth till your cheeks implore for mercy" thing became quite famous.

It seemed both cute and humble, in a wierd way, like she really didn't expect it. The look caught on like wildfire, with a string of beauty queens doing the post-win oh-my-god-did-i-really-win look. Apparently, beauty schools have, along with major and minor surgeries for different parts of the body and lessons on diction and world peace, started training their future Miss Timbucktoos's to give the appropriate wide-mouthed, wide-eyed look at the right time.

Could you, therefore, blame the world when it now looks at Rakhi Sawant all wide eyed after the infamous Mika kiss, and believe she may not have been as appalled as she claimed. Take a look:

I guess if Rakhi had turned round and tightly slapped the marauder in question, things might have been a little clearer. The Sush look clearly didn't help in the convincing-the-world department. All this became clear to me as I was sitting with a friend who watched the episode and wasn't quite sure if Rakhi was shocked or elated at the end of the kiss!

This will most probably be a forgotten episode in a couple of weeks' time... but it says a lot for our own perceptions that a look of shock and a look of delight have now intertwined themselves in our minds.


Blogger sunshine said...

Somehow I have a premonition Rakhi would have gaped wider had Mika decided at the last moment not to kiss her, just like Aamir had done to Madhuri years back in the movie Dil.

Perhaps he needs to wash his mouth with holy water now. he he.

10:36 PM  
Blogger The Invizible Man said...

He he... good point, sunshine. Would have been a sight to behold.

In the same vein, would have loved to see Mika looking just as wide-eyed as Ms. Sawant gave him a tight post-kiss slap, now that would have been fun!

2:00 PM  

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