Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Had the opportunity to go to a fashion awards nite over the weekend. It was the first time I was out for something like this, so well, it was quite interesting to watch models sashay down the ramp, Bollywood stars do the odd stage dance and fashion folks congratulate each other and themselves with great ado. Knowing how friends and family could doubt my presence at such a non-geeky event, I got some proof... or so I thought. Here are a couple of (very grainy and quite sad) pictures taken with my inadequate-to-the-task phone:
Yeah, looks like I stood right in front of the TV and took a snap... Anyways, geek that I was, while I was impressed by the bevy of beauties, I was just as impressed by what it takes to get something like this organized. For one, the film and fashion folk involved are not exactly known for their punctuality or awareness of where to be, and when. That, of course, translated into winners being announced, presenter waiting to hand off trophy, and no actor/model anywhere in sight. Second, the technical stuff - lights, camera, action, etc. - was quite a handful. Take a look at this pic:

The camera in the picture was swinging up and down all night along in a huge arc, which threatened to decapitate a few people each time it came down, but miraculously missed each time. Add to that two cameraman who walked up and down the ramp each time a fashion show happened. Add to that a gazillion other arrangements, a teleprompter that went berserk as some models and actors didn't turn up. It was quite a revelation to watch something like this unfold in real life versus on the small screen where it's all spruced up to look real neat.

All in all, an evening well spent and extremely educational. Would recommend the same to you, especially if you can wangle the invite. Good luck.


Anonymous V said...

You are soooo ungrateful ! At least tell everyone how your girlfriend & her friend got you VIP passes to this, else how would a geek EVER gain entry into such a place ? Except maybe by being hired to man the teleprompter or some such boring techie-geek task :))

1:35 PM  
Blogger The Invizible Man said...

Thank you, V ji, for pointing that fact out. Thank you, girlfriend and girlfriend's friend for the VIP passes :)

5:31 PM  

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